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The New Cosmo? Easy Tiger…

By Linda Kennedy (
Updated: 2010-01-06 10:41
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2010 brings the return of Carrie and all her New York friends, in Sex and the City 2. Of all those friends perhaps the most famous is their signature New York drink…the Cosmopolitan .now drunk all over the world..on all occasions.

So there I was on Christmas Eve drinking Cosmopolitans in Beijing. It felt wrong. Though I kept drinking them till 3am, just to check how wrong it felt.

The Cosmopolitan is quintessentially New York. What does it feel like serving on in Beijing?

Simon Sun: ‘Aaah. Cosmopolitan means New York. New York means Cosmopolitan’.

So for New Year’s Eve, we thought it would be a good idea to create a Beijing rival.

Simon Sun: ‘We’ve created a new cocktail. It’s called a Crouching Tiger, which is for the next year, the Year of the Tiger.

Here we go.

It’s already feeling like a tiger to me.

That’s because Advocaat is the base layer.

Simon Sun: Yeah Yeah. It’s like the colour of the tiger skin.

What does a tiger have? Yes, stripes. Next we create a brown layer

So hot chocolate and ice?

Yes, hot chocolate, Jagermeister, Frangelico and ice

Next to that noise, a tiger’s roar would be quiet. But it’s important

Simon Sun: We strain it out. Very fine. Less creamy.

Ooh that looks so good. I’m trying really hard not to purr.

Lastly, some cocoa creates tiger markings.

And then…

First Crouching Tiger…



So should the Cosmo worry about being replaced?

Easy Tiger…’s not all about looks and flavour.

Well, a great cocktail needs good product placement. Sex and the City 1, the film, premiered in London. Maybe Sex and the City 2 could premiere in Beijing? It’s also a city that doesn’t sleep, largely because migrant workers are building a skyscraper next door. In so many ways like New York……