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Art Education Project for the Mentally Disabled

Updated: 2009-08-19 17:20
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The “WABC” project is a program which aims to provide art training for mentally disabled laid-off workers from the 798 Dashanzi Art District, and handicapped individuals. During the month-long program, artists train voluntary participants who will gain a certain level of knowledge and appreciation for contemporary art. Also, the other part of the program aims to explore issues that may arise in the course of the training program.

It is very compelling to link up disadvantaged groups and contemporary art by the media of education. Part of the reason comes from the special situation of these two groups, as they are hardly able to get their culture from a more realistic point of view, compared with mainstream culture. Therefore, the effort to equip them with the ability and right to express themselves through contemporary art education may seem very difficult, but also takes on more representative and realistic significance.

The project creates a chance to everyone to join the ranks of contemporary art culture to create cultural wealth for society and for oneself. Earnest love and passion for art are the most important elements of creation, by far surpassing other concrete concerns.

Editor: Huan CAO

Camera: Lou Yi