Car accident in Hangzhou again
Updated: 2009-08-06 15:54

On August 4, a sixteen-year-old girl was crashed into by a black Porsche Cayenne and dead while crossing the street in Hangzhou City. The driver, 29-year-old Wei Zhigang, and his fiancé, who was also in the car when the accident took place, were both found drunk. According to witnesses, the Porsche Cayenne was speeding at more than 80 kilometers per hour at the time.

“I heard a loud bang! The noise was so loud that we all went downstairs to see what was going on,” said Miss Liu, who was working on the 14th floor in an office building near the scene of the tragedy.  

Mr. Shan, another witness said, “There was a big bang and the girl was knocked away for more than 20 meters! And a huge pool of blood was on the street. It was so horrifying!”

The victim, Ma Fangfang, is a waitress in a restaurant in Hangzhou. She was walking on the zebra crossing when the Porsche Cayenne violently charged toward her and knocked her away.

Ironically, the zebra crossing where the accident took place is titled the “Zebra Crossing of Loving Hearts” in memory of the May 7 car accident in Hangzhou.

On May 7, nineteen-year-old Hu Bin, knocked a man to death when he was driving his sports car at an extremely fast pace between 84.1 k/h to 101.2 k/h. Hu was sentenced into prison for three years, according to the final judgment declared by the Xihu District Court in Hangzhou, on July 20.

Out of a hope for better traffic regulation and more drivers with loving hearts, Hangzhou City has since set up several special zebra crossings, which are wider, color-changed, and feature loving hearts wrapped up in the middle.

Wei Zhigang, the driver of the Porsche Cayenne, together with his fiancé, was detained and investigated by the Public Security Organ in Hangzhou.

On August 5, Sun Yun, Deputy Secretary General of Hangzhou City expressed his consolation to the victim’s relatives. “Hangzhou will be genuinely responsible to the society and punish the guilty side with utmost severity!” was his promise to them.

Story: Yang Zi | Editor: Zhu Chuange | Video: