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Let your child sleep with 4-meter python?

2013-01-29 16:46

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Let your child sleep with 4-meter python?

A man and his son pose with their two pet pythons at a park in Dongguan, South China's Guangdong province on Jan 12, 2013. The man said his family has cared for the black python for 19 years since it was just an egg. Now, it has grown to 4-meters long and weighs nearly 100 kilograms. The white and yellow python has been a family pet for about 10 years. Due to Guangdong's warm weather, the owner said the snakes don’t need to hibernate. "We treat them like human beings, so we often talk to them, take them out and even travel with them," said the father. The man claims the two non-venomous constrictors are very tame and mild and have never attacked humans. His son, 13, even sleeps next to his pet snake. [Photo/CFP]

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