Capturing how cars changing China

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Editor's Note:

As a machine that greatly changed the world, cars have also transformed the lives of Chinese families by opening up new areas to travel and providing an easy way for people to go about their daily business.

Cars may have brought many social problems, but they also help Chinese people to go faster and further., one of China's leading photography website, is organzing a photo contest under the theme Cars and Life, with the Global Automotive Forum.

Here we have chosen some of the participants' photos to show you the great changes in China's cities and towns in relation to autos.

You can also send your photos and stories about car to for the contest.


Theme: Cars and life

You can provide picture stories about everything in your life related to cars. Please send photos with necessary captions or stories. Pictures will only be chosen for the promotion and a photograph exhibition in Chengdu this October. They will not be used for any commercial use.

The pictures should not contain:

Content against Chinese laws and regulations;

Content related to pornography, gore, violence and other inappropriate content slandering competitors;

Content infringing others' rights, reputation and privacy;

Content against the regulation and rules of

Car Travel Made Easier

Capturing how cars changing China

Driving on Plateau

Photo by: yky77

Cars drive en route to Pagri town in Yadong county´╝îSouthern Tibet autonomous region, China.

 Capturing how cars changing China

Travel far away

Photo by: Laohu

A car drives on a plateau with snow-capped mountains in the distance.


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