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Chinese Dream in expat's eyes

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping first used the concept of "Chinese Dream" on Nov. 29, 2012 in Beijing, it has resonated with the world's common aspiration of development. Here we bring stories by expats who pursue their own Chinese Dream.

What the West can learn from China's education system

[2015-08-11 10:24]

I would predict that the UK students will fare much better on exams than those who were not taught in the environment of the experiment.

Editor's note

[2015-04-30 16:43]

Combining readers' votes and the decisions of an expert panel, now we have a winners list in the "China in the Eyes of Foreign Teachers" competition. As a partner in this event, China Daily invites some of the winners to share their works and the stories they want to tell.

Shenzhen: Not what it used to be

[2014-03-05 15:21]

China has changed so fast that it is hard to know where to start. I came to China in 1994 and have been here ever since, so I have seen the change. Take one city, Shenzhen, when I first saw this city it was filled with beggars and lots of low buildings, many of these buildings had tin shacks on top of them. There were no birds and little wildlife, it was like entering a different planet, but 20 years on, and Shenzhen is an ultra modern city with huge high rise buildings and a stock exchange, also a very large shipping industry, and of course, a large offshore oil and gas industry.

2013: The year of reform

[2014-02-27 18:01]

2013 might be regarded as the year of starting a new series of reform in economics, financial, social and political spheres. Three decade of miraculous economic growth has left some deep rooted problem to the country to tackle with e.g. amounting local government's debts, industrial overcapacity, worsening environmental crisis, ''shadow banking'' sector, all time 'booming' housing price, potential of middle class trap, increasing gap between rich and poor, and rampant official corruption. China has come to a critical point to take steps to make corrections and planning a new path to move forward to ensure a sustainable, healthy and quality growth.

Xi's anti-graft campaign impressive

[2014-02-27 18:01]

"Everything rises or falls on leadership." With that said, I think the changes that are being brought by President Xi are highly encouraging. His campaign to reduce graft (I don't think it is possible to elminiate it in China) will do a lot to restore trust in the government by the people. I recently read his speech about reinforcing socialist values in China and was very inspired. In fact, I'm using his speech as a learning resource for English in my classes here in Zhengzhou.(A big thanks to China Daily for providing the translation of his speech.) Overall, I'm encouraged by what I see in China. It is easy to see the problems when you come here with 'fresh eyes'. Especially 'fresh Western eyes.'

Xi's vision for a better world

[2014-02-27 18:01]

It's virtuous that the top leader His highness Xi jinping is progressive, at the same time he is in tune with those who have eaten more bitterness than others. This mindset of his, will help in creating progressive and harmonious society in Asia and the world. He should think of and act on other parts of Asia also where sizable part of humanity lives. This will impart more strength to China and to himself to be used to know more and improvise the situations.

10 things I never thought I'd be grateful for

[2015-12-10 10:33]

This year, however, as I reflected on the things that I am thankful for, I discovered that living in China for over a year has given me a very different perspective on gratitude.

Trip to Xinjiang

[2015-10-27 17:44]

There are powerful sentences you might come across when living in China. One of them is: China is too big.

Made in China

[2015-10-09 16:06]

It’s innovative, it’s economical, it’s got quality, and it’s made in China. From electrical appliances to bags, toys, dresses, even foodstuffs, made in China products are part of our everyday life.

A dream comes true in Urumqi

[2015-10-06 14:00]

Taking a close look at the people in the streets is an exciting show, the best way to grasp the soul of a city.

Something I didn't know about China

[2015-08-14 16:31]

I've never claimed to be the know-all and end-all of China and Chinese culture, and I never will. To wit: even five years on, little tidbits of facts previously unknown to me still have the power to rock me.

Chinese school - the Bohunt experiment (part 1)

[2015-08-11 10:24]

Recently, you may have viewed Part 1 of a BBC documentary series about an experiment that was conducted at the private Bohunt School.

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