Opinion / China Dream in expats' eyes

Chinese Dream in expat's eyes

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping first used the concept of "Chinese Dream" on Nov. 29, 2012 in Beijing, it has resonated with the world's common aspiration of development. Here we bring stories by expats who pursue their own Chinese Dream.

A survey about the crazy and delicious street food in China

[2014-06-30 18:10]

These particular pictures don’t actually show street food, as this is a large open barbeque restaurant.

5 ways for Chinese parents to help your child be the best

[2014-06-30 16:48]

Part of the problem with children in China is that the parents have only one child to focus all of their attention upon.

Today’s parents more involved in children's education

[2014-06-27 16:24]

Education increases people's world view and makes them brave enough to chase their dreams.

The reasons why do I choose to apply for jobs in China 

[2014-06-26 17:40]

The United States economy had nothing to offer and has slowed to a snail’s pace in design work.

Having more than one child is still a dream for Chinese

[2014-06-26 17:40]

I doubt that very many Chinese born in the 1970s have ever thought of asking such a question as, "Should I have one more child or not?"

Tips for foreign nationals seeking jobs around the world

[2014-06-24 15:34]

I hope to help future job seekers avoid some pitfalls of overseas work so they can enjoy this experience. You should have at least a bachelor's degree and some experience as an educator.

7 ways for you to deal with difficult people in your daily life

[2014-06-23 11:49]

If you encounter conflicts with others, there are certain ways to follow that I know can help you get past the conflict faster and easier.

My traditional Chinese medicine treatments experiences

[2014-06-20 14:33]

Traditional Chinese medicine treatments are well known home and abroad. Their main advantage is that they do not have many side effects.

Suggestions for the Young Chinese

[2014-06-02 17:43]

Life is too short to sit and wait for others to call you to join. As the saying goes, don’t be an audience but get on the stage.

There is no racism in China

[2014-05-28 09:53]

In one of my blogs a month ago I wrote; “I never knew I am black till I came to China” that was a word from Scottish African lady at a ladies retreat I attended.

My adventure in Zhangjiajie

[2014-05-28 09:47]

When given a week off classes midway through the semester, my friend Adrienne and I decided to head out in search of a more rural experience in the land of mountains and rivers.

Be a native speaker to teach language

[2014-05-21 10:16]

It was just after I arrived to China I was introduced to the notion that ONLY a native speaker is qualified to teach foreign language to a non-native speaker.

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