Opinion / China Dream in expats' eyes

Chinese Dream in expat's eyes

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping first used the concept of "Chinese Dream" on Nov. 29, 2012 in Beijing, it has resonated with the world's common aspiration of development. Here we bring stories by expats who pursue their own Chinese Dream.

Chinese Dream includes strong PLA

[2013-12-24 16:31]

The PLA as a pillar of State security follows the trend of the times and follows a principle that is different from colonial aggression and expansion. And China firmly believes in the principles of peace, cooperation and development of military ties with other countries.

A poster to start your Chinese Dream

[2014-01-02 16:03]

A poster to start your Chinese dream

Making a nation's dream come true

[2013-12-24 16:31]

Promoting Chinese concepts in the rest of the world is not very difficult - stop translating key Chinese terminologies (at best, give the appropriate or closest meaning and continue with the Chinese terminology). If kung fu, wushu, rujia, shengren, junzi can be understood and accepted by the outside, why not zhongguo meng? Once you translate a Chinese term you give away the definition of thought.

Foreigners' 7 tips to be happy in China

[2015-05-13 15:33]

I have been in China for 4.5 years now. Soon I will be celebrating my 5th anniversary of my love affair with China and its people.

Chinese in a foreigner's eyes

[2015-05-08 17:20]

My first impression in coming to China was that people were kind and very welcoming to me as a foreigner. They treated me well and were very generous.

Foreign teachers in China and how to keep them

[2015-05-04 17:04]

I've been in China now for almost 4 years. I came here in 2011. I planned to stay one year and go back to the US.

20 unique facts about China

[2015-02-03 16:53]

There are some unique and interesting facts about China that would make you gaze and wonder if this is the same China that is often criticized for lack of innovation.

Why I stay in China

[2014-12-29 17:28]

Before coming to China in 2011, my impression of Chinese people was that they are clean, honest, kind, organized, orderly, respectful and honorable people.

Why foreigners come to China

[2014-12-08 11:36]

The question is always asked of foreigners "why did you come to China" and there is a perception that our countries are infinitely superior to China.

Three key factors in China's reform sequencing

[2014-03-12 08:52]

Premier Li Keqiang cited reforms as "powerful impetus" yesterday in a government work report. "Deepening reform" is enjoying high priority and they are just around the corner, or actually, on their way - a grant reform plan was launched last November at the third plenary session, including about 330 measures in 60 areas. But maybe less attention is paid to implementation sequence of reforms, which may contribute to the collapse of the whole reform program if not appropriately dealt with.

China through Western eyes

[2014-03-11 10:00]

A very big change has been high-speed trains. In 2003, I traveled from Shanghai to Nanjing in a soft seat on a train that took over 4 hours. Fast forward and I regularly took D trains that could make the journey in 2 hours. Then the super-fast G trains arrived, cutting the journey in half again. So nowadays just 1 hour to connect Shanghai with Nanjing and 5 hours to connect Beijing with Shanghai by train (before, around 11 hours) – and China now has the largest network of high-speed trains in the world - amazing!

Combining reform with growth

[2014-03-06 13:25]

In the government's terminology, fiscal policy will remain "proactive" and monetary policy "prudent" in 2014, although these labels do not say much about the actual stance. The government's budget aims to keep the official fiscal deficit unchanged at 2.1 percent of GDP. The total fiscal deficit, including the borrowing by local governments from banks and the shadow banking system, is likely to be substantially higher, as it was in recent years, but it is hard to know how high.

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