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Luo Jie

( Updated: 2013-08-29 14:38

Luo Jie

Luo Jie learned to draw caricatures on his own. He began cartoon drawing at the end of 2000 and started working at China Daily in 2002. Now, he is deputy chief of the Art Department at China Daily and draws cartoons for the comments page. He won the Chinese News Award for cartoons eight times.

Motto: Only in political cartoons, I am alive. 

Luo Jie: I like painting, especially foreign political cartoons, since I was young. I dream of drawing some exaggerated but excellent cartoons. Before I knew “Painter”, I just drew for fun and had no regular time to practice my drawing skills. Later, I learned how to draw cartoons by computer with “Painter”, and I was surprised to find that I was talented in drawing; surely, I made great progress in the field and joined professional circles. I am good at making up for the shortages that come from my basic skills. My experience in computer drawing is, you need to correct until you feel satisfied; speaking of innovation, I think we should learn more from others, learn to compare and practice.


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