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春运大考 (chunyun dakao): Spring Festival test for transport

(China Daily) Updated: 2016-01-22 10:08

The National Development and Reform Commission estimates that during the Spring Festival travel period from Jan 24 to March 3, the overall passenger volume nationwide will be 2.91 billion, which would be 3.6 percent higher than that of last year.

The ever-increasing passenger volume is extremely challenging to the transport sector nationwide, and the media have called it a "Spring Festival test for transport".

During this period, the top priority for the railway, aviation and highway authorities will be guaranteeing the safety of travelers. A huge number of passengers will gather in railway stations, bus stations and airports, especially on peak travel days, and ensuring passengers' safety is a challenge that has to be met.

It was reported that a woman was prevented from boarding a train with live poultry in Chengdu East Railway Station, because the security regulations forbid it. The woman then killed the ducks in the waiting room of the train station in order to get on board.

Such reports show that there's much to be done to improve safety during this period, and the relevant authorities must pay more attention to this issue.

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