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5 reasons why you should come to China

By eddieturkson ( Updated: 2015-07-30 14:57

The focus of the world is still on China and it will remain so for a long time to come. The West is looking to the East even as China prepares to march westward in an attempt to revive the ancient silk road- this time on a scale never seen or imagined before. It is a herculean task and all continents are on board. No camels my friend, it is high-speed rails and other means of transportation with turbo speed. Better grab a seat on the next available flight or whatever means and come experience the real China. Compiled below are five reasons why you should come to China in case you’re in doubt.

1. To eliminate all misconceptions / misinformation 

Don’t just sit there and follow the bandwagon. If you have the means you should come and witness for yourself. You will realize that almost all the tales you have been told by the media and from hearsay aren’t true. On the flip side why not come and see for yourself all that is true, at least after that experience you wouldn’t go about ignorantly claiming you were told or have heard. This time around you can confidently claim that I was there and I saw toddlers with crotchless pants.

I hate to use the word brainwash but as smart as we think we are, most of us have been brainwashed with a lot of China bashing to the extent that even after experiencing the truth the scar still remains. For example, talk about Chinese brands- until you enter mainland China, you would never believe that there are home grown brands that are far superior in quality to some popular foreign brands. To name just a few- there is Haier, TCL, Midea, and Konka, and that’s just in electronics and home appliances. There is one reason why some of these brands find it difficult reaching your doorstep. Ask your commissions and regulators. Either they’re damn scared of competition or probably they want you to keep your job.

2   There’s always room for one

Yes, one of the challenges facing the Communist party is the ability to create jobs for the growing number of graduates the country’s universities churn out each year, semester after semester, millions of students. But hey, there’s always room for another foreigner. Jobs abound in the expat employment industry and the government is constantly reducing the threshold to attract foreign talents. Be it SOE’s or private organizations, there are jobs for foreigners willing to abide by the laws and regulations of the land, in good health and with the right qualification. Starting with Shanghai, the country is now introducing measures to retain foreign students who opt to stay in China and experience the Chinese dream. With the click of a mouse or the right introduction you can find potentially suitable jobs that fit your qualification. 

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