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Are you ready for another child?

( Updated: 2015-07-23 14:38

Editor's Note: A rising number of Chinese couples are allowed to have a second child as Chinese authorities consider further relaxing the one-child policy. Do two kids make a perfect family? Share your views about this issue on our website.

Badmofaux (China)

Most young couples can provide the best learning and growth environment for only one child. When you decide to have another child, you should plan your budget in advance. If you or your parents can’t take care of your baby, you have to at least spend an extra 5000 yuan per month to hire a nanny. If the gender of your new baby is different from your first one, you have to prepare another bedroom. If you want to send your kids to study abroad, you have to save another 1 million yuan. I think most young Chinese couples cannot afford the expense.

Are you ready for another child?

A girl with her younger brother. [Photo by Wang Nina/Provided to]

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