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China which they do not know

By sube ( Updated: 2015-07-09 11:20

I have seen attitudes of foreign people about Chinese and China. Some have just arrived or have been in China for some time and some have never even stepped here. It is too complex to discuss their opinions in a blog post. However, I can distinguish them by just looking at their ideas whether they are struck in their own illusions or they are with the reality which is happening here whether they like it or not? 

1. Chinese are getting good with English 

The older generations 70s, 60s and so on are not generally good with English. However, the young generations have done tremendous work to improve their English. And they are still doing it. They know the value of it and they know they got a problem with it. This humble attitude makes them powerful at one of their weaknesses. 

2. They know they are powerful and rich 

Many people misunderstand the fascination of Chinese people towards North American or European countries. However, it is not the fact they got an inferiority complex as many foreigner interpret the situation. They are just looking forward for a new lifestyle. Because they got money with a huge disposable margin that they cannot spend over with the things available in China. So they look upon new things to buy and new lifestyles to follow. Now for many Chinese in this country, most expensive American or European brands are just single click away. A VIP tour to one of those countries they admire is few clicks away on their favorite travel website. Father wants to buy a Lincoln, mother wants to buy a villa in France, son wants to date a foreign girl and daughter wants to marry a foreign person. Nothing of these things show an inferiority complex, but the feeling of the power of money and ability go beyond the life they used to spend for centuries. 

3. The new Silk Road will change the shape of this world

We have a leader in this world. It is America. Whether you like or now, the fact is that. But that leader has chosen a painful way to rule the world. They try to change the people to their way which they think is right. They try to heat us and put us into a block. Then wait until we take the shape of that block, which is the model they think the whole world should operate. This attitude make whole world suffer, especially the Middle East countries. However, the path taken by China is very soft and constructive. They build infrastructure. They do not bomb other nations’ infrastructures. Rather they go to those countries and build infrastructure and gradually connect them to one belt and one road. I see some people do not trust this way, but I ask them how can they trust a nation that totally operates based on war or in other words, destruction. Chinese model is construction. I think this has huge impact, which is why Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduce infrastructure development in his Make in India program. But he is only doing part of it. India does not have a way to connect the things they build.

China is proving that the path they took in middle of the past century was correct although the leaders of the world did not prefer that way. Later people like Deng Xiaoping fine tuned this path and lead the country to the present situation. They work on improving their quality of education, life and industry. Millions of Chinese abroad are coming back as they got preferences here right now, with good positions with good salary. In every aspect China is wining and coming forward. And this is the reality some of people do not see or do not want to see.

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