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Should 'luxury car insurance' be mandatory?

( Updated: 2015-05-22 07:18

Editor's Note: A driver of a Volkswagen Jetta model recently hit a Rolls-Royce luxury car worth $887,000, and the insurance was reportedly not enough for the repairs. The accident sparked heated discussion on whether "luxury car insurance" should be compulsory. Share your views about this issue with us.

Wilbert M (China)

Yes. Luxury cars are only owned by a tiny number of people and when they buy such luxurious products, they should shoulder the potential risks that their cars may suffer in the future. Once an accident happens, the repair fees are astronomical figures for most ordinary people. Even if a luxury car driver is not at fault in the accident, we should not make the responsible driver, even sometimes including the driver’s family, pay a debt for the rest of their simply because of a careless traffic accident.

Should 'luxury car insurance' be mandatory?

Bystanders look at a damaged Lamborghini sports car after it crashed into the green belt and shoulder of a road in Fuzhou city, southeast Chinas Fujian province, 30 August 2013. [Photo/IC]

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