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US, not China, involved in cyber espionage

By Han Dongping ( Updated: 2015-02-13 17:11

For years, the Western Media has been churning out speculations and accusations about China stealing Western secrets. Now the German media is accusing China of stealing military secrets of stealth fighter jet F35 through the mouth of US defector Edward Snowden. These kinds of speculations and accusations are too old, and few in the world take them seriously any more.

People who follow what is going on in the world would know that right before Snowden’s defection, the US and Western media was generating speculations and accusations about China’s cyber spying and so on. The US and Western Governments were calling for coordinated efforts to deal with China’s cyber intelligence. Edward Snowden’s timely defection and subsequent revelation demonstrated to the world that the US was the biggest sponsor of cyber spying and intelligence in the world.

The US and Western media’s speculation and accusations about China’s cyber spying turned out to be a case of the real thief accusing other people of stealing.

As the only remaining superpower in the world, the US has been acting like a world police for too long. It has developed a pattern of behavior of doing whatever it pleases, violating the international law and internationally sanctioned code of conduct, while accusing other nations of violating the international law.

As the only superpower of the world, the US would not change its bully behavior on its own. It is time that the world community makes a concerted effort to force the US to change its behavior and to show some respect for international law and international protocol of conduct.

I have talked with some of my American friends who are experts in internet security. They affirmed me that the US is by far the most sophisticated in cyber intelligence. The difference between the US and other nations in cyber intelligence, they told me, is the difference between the professional and amateur. The US could hack into other’s computers without leaving any trace, just like the best and the professional thief would do when they break into someone’s house. While other’s nation’s hackers always leave some traces behind.

China and other developing countries must raise their awareness about their security. In face of the US and Western sophisticated and professional stealing of their national secrets, they should spare no efforts in enhancing their cyber national security. Otherwise, they would lose big in this world of intensified cyber warfare.

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