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Perfect example of a business magnate

By Fu Jing (China Daily) Updated: 2015-01-27 08:00

Perfect example of a business magnate

Communications is the key for Chinese companies striving to invest overseas. They need to know the importance of communication tools the West usually employs. For example, Ren is in a position where he can tell BBC that he would give an interview only if it's a "closed-door" affair.

Chinese companies, however, still have the misconception that the Western media are all about freedom and are thus afraid to talk with foreign journalists, especially those from developed countries for fear that they would write whatever they want.

But the fact is that even a correspondent like me has to get the approval of high-profile officials in Brussels and Geneva before sending articles with their interviews or quotes for publication. Their media consultants say they treat the Western media the same way.

Dealing with the media is also about making compromise and winning people's trust by using communication tools and rules. To help Chinese companies deal with the increasing communication challenges, the most important thing to do is to devise a communication strategy, identify the communication tools to be used and train executives to behave like and become Ren.

The author is China Daily chief correspondent in Brussels. Contact the writer at

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