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Would you go on a blind date?

( Updated: 2014-10-15 08:06

karenann33 (UK)

I met my husband on a blind date so I'm for it. I've actually been on quite a few blind dates. I preferred to have friends set me up than for me to have to try to meet someone. However I never went on one alone. It was always a double date with the friend who set it up. I was young and timid so this worked better for me. Still makes me laugh that the girl who set me up with my husband didn't think I'd stay with him because he smoked (I can't stand smokers). She told him how I felt so he didn't smoke around me. He ended up falling for me and quit smoking to keep me. Married now for 19 years and he hasn't smoked since.

Would you go on a blind date?

Tang Wei and Jacky Cheung present an unlikely relationship that starts from a blind date in a scene from the film "Crossing Hennessy" (Photo: CFP)

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