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Today’s parents more involved in children's education

By Zhang Yizhong ( Updated: 2014-06-27 16:24

People have realized that in the 21st century education plays a more important part in people's lives. Usually, a person who get a masters degree tends to be more competitive that someone who only finishes study in high school. Thus, parents today pay more attention to their children's education, because they understand how essential it is for their children to have a better education.

First, a better education gives children a more complete world view. That is to say, when children get more education, they have clearer understanding about the world and their lives. They start to think about the real meaning in life. The life of my mom and that of my aunt are good examples. My mother worked hard during her life, while my aunt always got a bad score in high school. Thus, my mother had the opportunity to study on campus. Now she has moved into the largest city in my country while my aunt still stays in a small town in her homeland. Now, as the time goes go, my grandmother regrets that I did not force my aunt to get a better education. She always said that if she could go back to 20 years ago, she would try her best to let my aunt enter the university. Nowadays, my mother listens to her mother's teaching and convinced me to try my best to get a better education. Through my experience my mom has a different view of education to my grandmother. My experience can also represent the experience of my generation. Parents start to realize the importance of learning and thus become more involved in their children’s education.

Moreover, getting a better education motivates children to achieve more in their future career and future life. In the past, only a few families can afford for their children to go to college. People did not realize what big differences a college student has. However, as technology develops and people get more ways to communicate they concluded that education decides the achievements you get. When children finish university, they meet more people, read more books and set higher goals for themselves. They are no more limited to spend their life in one place. They become ambitious and courageous. They tend to be more brave and insightful than others. Even if parents in the past did not notice they changed their opinion when they see so many people who attended university become successful. History becomes the most convincing evidence to prove their theory. Nowadays, parents become active in their children's education. They encourage their children to play piano, tennis and take extracurricular classes in order to make their children better.

Education increases people's world view and makes them brave enough to chase their dreams. Parents have also changed their thoughts about good education, which is totally different from opinions held by people in the past.

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