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What kind of attitude should post-90s students take?

By tanxihua ( Updated: 2014-06-27 16:24

When we were born, we had no choice to choose parents, brothers and sisters, families, whether rich or poor, but we do have a choice to choose what attitude we should take.

Today's society is sophisticated and changeable. As for post-90s students, there are some basic rules we must make an effort to stick to.

No one would love to treat you better than they treat themselves, except your parents. No one should have the obligation to help you without reward when you fall into a difficult situation, except parents. Parents' contributions are higher than the height of the mountains, deeper than the depth of the sea. As for post-90s students, we should be grateful to our parents and fulfill and inherit filial duty. An inch of time is an inch of gold. We should spend time accompanying our parents.

Having no friends is a bad choice, we should, at least, have two or three intimate friends. Those that we would like to share and enjoy both happiness and unhappiness. A friend is willing to listen to your nonsense when you want to call. Perhaps, you have one or more similar interests; you often talk about your future, such as work plans, travel plans, marriage plans and child plan and so on. Maybe you would speak of these things for a whole night or you will do some crazy and memorable things. We will meet many kinds of acquaintances, but not all the acquaintances are sincere friends. Real friends encourage, help, promote and improve each other. As the old saying goes: 'A friend in need is a friend indeed'.

When we go to work, we should remember that we are not alone, you and others are a team. Team spirit is more important than the individual. The relationship between co-workers helps you know and understand team spirit, cooperation, rules and core value. A team has been launched as integral parts of the same initiative.

We should learn to forgive, show tolerance, and be optimistic, positive and cheerful. Every life has its roses and thorns. Most of the time, if people are not happy, perhaps it is the attitude they take is wrong. As for poat-90s students, I wish that we could have a happy and cheerful life. Keep on going, what happened in the past is always in the past.

One famous person said that really precious things are thought and sights, not pace. It does a bullet no good to go fast; and a man, if he be truly a man, no harm to go slow; for his glory is not at all in going, but in being.

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