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Protest but within limits of decency

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-04-29 09:18

Six female students of Guangdong University of Technology stripped to their wastes and carried placards recently demanding "equal job opportunity", "appreciation for women" and gender equality in workplace. Demanding gender equality is okay, but protestors should not cross the line of decency while doing so, says an article in Yangcheng Evening News. Excerpts:

The Labor Law clearly says that workers should not be discriminated against irrespective of their ethnic identity, sex and religion - more importantly, it says men and women shall enjoy equal rights. But many employers have deliberately made it difficult for women to get employment.

Therefore, protests organized by women against gender discrimination cannot be criticized. Yet the approach the six female students in Guangdong adopted will not help them achieve their demand; instead, it could have the opposite effect. Their attempts to draw public attention to end discrimination against women through nudity will only distract people from the real issue.

Also, many netizens have questioned the real purpose of the six female students. Their common question is: What exactly did they intend to achieve by going topless? Once the public starts doubting the motive of the protestors, people may oppose - rather than support - their demand.

Women do have equal right to employment, which should and must be respected. Therefore, action should be taken against officials discriminating against women. Moreover, the people and government both should support women in their fight against gender discrimination as long as demonstrations are held within the limits of decency.

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