Air pollution: China must act now

Updated: 2014-04-03 11:19 (bbs.chinadaily.com.cn)

Ratfink (Australia)

As everyone who's ever visited or lived in China knows, in recent years the air pollution problem has become enormous. When you fly in to China it's often in to an insipid pall of pollution, especially if you are flying in to Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. The yellowish cloud of toxicity that overlies many Chinese cities is legendary.

What can be done about it? Well, a lot can be done, China should enforce and reinforce its own pollution laws, and then ensure the standards are up to the same as in the First World. Massive fines for serial polluters help, I'd suggest fines of 10-20% of gross revenue for a year if a business fails to meet emissions standards. A massive carrot and stick is required to ensure adherence to the law.

Air pollution: China must act now

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