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Weathering the travel storm

Updated: 2014-02-11 09:27
( China Daily)

Rain and snow in many parts of China last week caused great inconvenience to people returning to their places of work after joyful family reunions of the Spring Festival holiday. Apart from greater efforts by the authorities, more humane measures are needed to overcome the challenges created by inclement weather during peak travel seasons, says an article in Beijing Morning Post. Excerpts:

Heavy snow and rain caused many accidents on highways in several regions of China last week. Sixty-nine highways had been closed by last weekend because of bad weather, and many others were on the verge of being closed.

Passengers and drivers stranded on closed highways have to face food shortage and heating problems, and need local public services to tide over their troubles. For example, a cup of hot tea and a hot meal could greatly ease the sufferings of passengers and drivers stranded on highways in icy conditions.

Besides, it would help drivers and passengers a great deal if the authorities extend the toll-free travel period on highways, as the closing down of many highways because of inclement weather has prevented millions of people from availing of the special Spring Festival arrangement.

Also, employers should not pull up employees who don't report for work on schedule because of disruption in transport. Of course, employees stranded on highways should call their employers or managers to report their situation to make things clear before actually reporting for work.