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Next year vital for safe transition in Afghanistan

Updated: 2013-12-10 21:08
By Li Yang (

Regaining stability is vital for Afghanistan to restart its development, and the political considerations of all parties concerned must synchronize with this objective, according to a People’s Daily article.


Differences between the United States and Afghanistan over the bilateral security agreement have left people wondering whether the US withdrawal will be accompanied by hiccups.

The White House has urged Kabul to sign the agreement and even warned that the US could withdraw from Afghanistan completely after 2014.

But Afghan President Hamid Karzai has indicated the security agreement will not take effect until the presidential election next year and has acknowledged that the two countries are short of mutual trust.

NATO has also warned that if agreement is reached belatedly, the international community’s military and economic assistance to Afghanistan will face risks. Some people have even proposed pressuring Karzai into signing the agreement.

The next year will be crucial for a safe transition in Afghanistan.

Selfish ideas and considerations among the relevant parties in controlling resources, maintaining geopolitical strengths and weakening competitors and opponents may replace badly needed considered thought and cooperation on the nation’s future. These complicated interests harm Afghanistan’s long-term stability and development.

History indicates that world peace is threatened by chaos in Afghanistan, as there are no international borders for poverty, violence, humanitarian crises, terrorism and arms smuggling.

The international community must fulfill its promises to the war-torn nation and help it to strengthen its military and police forces.

The people of Afghanistan must have the right to rebuild their nation’s peace and stability, and this principle must be respected by all parties.

China and Afghanistan are traditional friendly neighbors. China has provided, and will continue to provide for Afghanistan, aid for infrastructure construction, resource development, human resource training, medical treatment, public health, education and culture.