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The Internet should be seen as channel for understanding public opinion

Updated: 2013-07-23 19:23

In his lecture in Jilin province last week, writer Yu Qiuyu concluded that online opinion does not equal either public opinion or truth.

Although the Internet is indeed complicated and potentially chaotic, it is unreasonable to overstate negativities and discourage the online community, said an article in Changjiang Daily (excerpts below).

According to statistics from authorities, the number of Chinese netizens reached 561 million at the end of June this year. At present, the majority of Internet users are young, but that shouldn't mean their voices are not valid.

Besides, netizens have affected positivity in recent major incidents. In natural disasters and major accidents, they have been the first to report causing other netizens to donate money and aid to those in need.

Moreover, the Internet has become important in the battle against corruption.

Many high-ranking officials have been taken down by netizens, actions which certainly must represent real public opinion.

It is true that the Internet is a hotbed for chaos and false information. But we should strive to improve the negative aspects.

Since online voices are an important channel for public opinion, the Internet shouldn't be put off so easily on account of slight risk.