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Promote judicial justice

Updated: 2013-07-09 21:16

In a recent meeting, Chief Justice Zhou Qiang from the Supreme People's Court required staff members of local courts to ensure the rights of ordinary people in judicial practice. It is a good promise, but it is important to make sure it is honored, said an article in the Changjiang Daily (excerpts below).

"The judiciary is the last line of defense for social justice." As this widely quoted sentence shows, the judiciary is often the last resort of people who think they are mistreated. As an almost certain result, these people will also be desperate instead of disappointed if they encounter injustice in the courts.

However, justice cannot be guaranteed in the current judicial system. For example, poverty often prevents one from seeking justice through courts.

Sometimes, even if the victim wins a case, he or she may find it hard to get the compensation promised. Likewise, if an innocent person is wrongly imprisoned, it is sometimes very difficult for the courts to correct their mistakes no matter how evident these mistakes are. Worse, sometimes the courts make decisions not according to law but according to the opinions of some powerful figures who might have interests in the case.

There are many loopholes in China's judicial system, all of which need a solution. Zhou Qiang, the chief justice, has promised to solve this in a recent meeting, and we are looking forward to his promise being honored.