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China Dream concerns the happiness of all Chinese

Updated: 2013-06-27 21:18
( chinadaily.com.cn)

The China Dream is a national dream as well as a dream for individual Chinese, according to a People's Daily article.


Some people view the China Dream through rose-colored glasses and consider it only demonstrates the State's will and does not concern individual values and interests. This opinion shows people's ingrained prejudice and bias toward China.

Chinese people's lives are closely connected with the rise and fall of the nation in history. The China Dream is directly related to the personal interests of all Chinese people and represents the people's dreams.

Chinese people long for happy lives, but there are still many problems with the country's development, such as education, employment, social security, medical care and the environment.

The relationship between the nation and individual citizens is like that between big rivers and small rivers. This simple saying in China conveys Chinese people's attitude to the nation. The good lives of individual citizens rest on the overall prosperity and stability of the nation.

A family is like a small country, and China is made up of tens of thousands of small families. The China Dream contributes not only to individual citizens' happiness, but to humans as a whole.