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US has never won a war alone

Updated: 2013-05-16 07:57
( China Daily)

Despite the self-professed role of the US as the guardian of freedom, democracy, human rights and the world order, and the huge sums of money it spends on its military, it has never led a successful campaign to achieve the goals it set for itself.

The US' unsuccessful campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq have forced it to beat a (not-so-hasty) retreat, leaving the two countries in unprecedented chaos and ethnic and sectarian divide. The US was thoroughly defeated in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Also, the Korean Peninsula remains divided to this day because of the US. And since for long the US didn't want to recognize the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, it has created a state of paranoia on the Korean Peninsula. As a result, people in the DPRK don't know when the US and its allies will attempt to overthrow their government by force.

Until recently, the US claimed that it decisively defeated Japan in World War II, but ignoring the role played by China, Australia and others in that victory.

However, the recent behavior of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the far right shows that the US has not succeeded in eliminating the militarist dreams of Japan's far right forces any more than it has been successful in freeing Muslim nations of fundamentalist forces led by al-Qaida.

The US overlooks the fact that it has not won a single decisive victory on the battlefield. And it should know that it has to win over hearts and minds to create a better future.

Ross Grainger, via e-mail

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(China Daily 05/16/2013 page9)