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Don't be tricked by Hollywood

Updated: 2013-05-10 07:06
( China Daily)

Hollywood blockbuster Iron Man 3 raked in 125 million yuan ($20.33 million) on May 1, its opening day, in China. Perhaps Chinese moviegoers are crazy about the movie because of its Chinese angle, but they should not mistake it as a sign of Chinese culture becoming more influential, says an article on dahe.cn. Excerpts:

Iron Man 3 features Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and Chinese actor Wang Xueqi in the version made for Chinese moviegoers, but their less-than-essential roles have been edited from the American version.

Hollywood moviemakers have used the Chinese elements simply to attract Chinese moviegoers, because they know it's not that easy to have a bigger share in the world's second-largest film market even after China increased the number of Hollywood films that can be screened in the country.

To gain a larger share of the box office profit in China, some Hollywood filmmakers had started entering into co-productions with Chinese film companies, but many of these movies turned out to be nothing but American productions with minimum Chinese elements.

In response, China's film regulators tightened the co-production rules in August 2012. So American moviemakers have now started creating some scenes with Chinese elements in the Chinese versions especially to attract more Chinese moviegoers and increase their profits. The Chinese version of Iron Man 3 is one such example.

Some people mistake Hollywood's strategy as a sign of growing recognition of Chinese culture, but it is actually a commercial tactic of Hollywood filmmakers. To ensure that Chinese culture becomes more influential, there is no option for the government but to take measures to promote professionalism and improve the quality of Chinese films.