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New thoughts are needed to solve Iran nuclear issue

( Updated: 2013-01-14 20:37

Resuming dialogue is not only helpful in the search for solutions of the Iran nuclear issue, but also is vitally important for regional peace and stability, says an editorial in People's Daily. Excerpts:

The Iran nuclear issue starts a new year in 2013. It is good news that the dialogue within the framework of six countries will be resumed.

US President Barack Obama recently signed into law a bill that targets Iran's expanding influence in the Western Hemisphere. The strong reaction from the United States demonstrates there will be a long struggle between Iran and the US around the world. The US is isolating Iran, while Iran is doing its best to counter it.

The US' strategy is to use sanctions to press for internal changes in Iran. This plan has so far not yielded its expected results.

Iran is no match for the US in terms of military and economic power. But the US has had painful lessons from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a sovereign country, Iran has the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Iran must abide by relevant rules and resolutions of the UN on its nuclear issue and cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Resuming dialogue is not only helpful in the search for solutions to Iran's nuclear issue, but is also vitally important for regional peace and stability. To solve the Iran nuclear issue, the international community needs new thoughts and the US must discard its usual isolation diplomacy and sanctioning strategies.

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