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DPRK has right to launch its satellite

Updated: 2012-12-18 19:57
By Han Dongping ( chinadaily.com.cn)

DPRK has right to launch its satelliteThe Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has successfully launched its satellite into orbit - a great technical advance for the DPRK people. Understandably, the DPRK government and its people have been celebrating their success dancing in the streets at night.

Their celebration reminded me of the time when China launched its first Satellite on April 20, 1970. I was a teenager in a Chinese village at the time, and I followed the progress of the Chinese satellite in the clear night sky with my boyhood friends, full of excitement and joy for our nation's progress for several days in a row.

Contrary to the DPRK people's excitement and joy, the United States and its allies are condemning North Korea's launching of its satellite as a provocation. Even the South Korean government, who tried and failed to launch its own satellite just few days ago, joined the condemnation. China and Russia, who are supposed to be North Korea's allies, also expressed regret at North Korea's launching of its Satellite.

The US does not consider its joint military exercises with South Korea each month outside North Korea's territorial waters as a military provocation. But it considers North Korea's launching of a satellite for peaceful purposes as provocative.

Does the US think that it can get away with this kind of double standard forever in this world? The powerful nations, such as the US France, Russia and China have launched hundreds of satellites in the past. So why can North Korea not launch one?

The UN Security Council also held an emergency meeting, trying to figure out ways to punish North Korea's provocative launching of its satellite. I am writing here to urge the Chinese government to veto any further sanctions or punishments that the US or any other nations propose to impose on North Korea for launching its satellite.

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