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Netizens express support for injured track star

Updated: 2012-08-08 21:55
( chinadaily.com.cn)

As Liu Xiang lunged into the crossbar of the first hurdle he had to jump over in a preliminary heat at the London Games, the gold-medal dreams of the Chinese track-and-field star, as well as the crowds of people watching him in his homeland, were dashed. Yet, despite being injured, the former Olympic and world champion found the resolve to pick himself up, hop to the last hurdle on the course and kiss it, prompting many Chinese netizens to hurry to the Internet to offer him encouragement and comfort. Excerpts:

Liu Xiang, you shouldn't be concerned about the doubts expressed on the Internet, wondering if you were an "actor" in Tuesday's 110m hurdles event. When you win, some people praise you, as you have satisfied their vanity and weak desires for recognition. But when you lose, they laugh at you, for they finally have something in their lives to judge and talk about. I think you are a great athlete who is respected by the Chinese people no matter if you win or lose. Never mind the malicious blame and criticisms.


Eight years ago, it was you who brought glory and excitement to Chinese sports and the Chinese people. Today, you are still the hero of my heart. Everything great too must pass, not just insignificant people such as us. But it doesn't matter. We will grow old together and your name will be carved in history. Thank you, Liu Xiang.

YAOCHEN, Beijing

No matter if Liu Xiang won or lost the race, or withdrew from the race because of injury, it would be the best way to fade away from public attention in peace for a veteran who brings glory to China's track and field team. Whether he won or not has nothing to do with onlookers' vital interests, so why would they criticize Liu? Liu's contributions and endeavors are clear and no one has the right to stop others showing respect to Liu.

FANGBINGCAOHUMA, Taian, Shandong province

From 2000 to now, among the 48 international 110m hurdles in which Liu Xiang participated, he won the championship 36 times, placed second or third nine times, and dropped out twice due to injury. But some care only about the Athens, Beijing and London Olympic Games and criticize Liu for withdrawing in the 2008 Olympics and falling down in the first round on Aug 7. I wonder whether those critics felt sad when watching Liu hopping to the finish line.