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Children need their parents

Updated: 2012-07-13 08:09
( China Daily)

Comment on "Left behind children turn to nature" (China Daily website, July 9)

I am often away from my family for job-related reasons, thus I can understand the migrant workers' pain of being separated from their children. The only difference is that I am an expatriate who is working in China. To some extent I am also a migrant worker.

Although children are very intelligent and may understand a lot of things, they cannot always express themselves. They cannot say they want their parents to be with them. Instead, they learn to adjust and compromise at a very young age. While it is good to be in contact with nature, the absence of parents in one's childhood is always an emotional loss that will be imprinted on one's heart forever. The photograph is beautiful but sad.

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(China Daily 07/13/2012 page9)