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Liyuan Library in Beijing

2013-07-25 01:00

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Liyuan Library in Beijing

The Bridge School in Fujian province [Photos by Lan Tianyi/for China Daily]

Addressing local issues has been a consistent theme in Li's designs. One of his best-known works is the Bridge School in Fujian province, which won the 2010 Aga Khan Award. Inspired by Chinese traditional acupuncture's meridian theory, the work rejuvenated a divided community by bridging the physical gap between them and encouraging greater interaction.

The Bridge School

Located in Xiashi village in Fujian province in southern China, the "Bridge School" links the two parts of the village, which are divided by a small creek.

It is a multifunctional structure built between two steel trusses that span the creek. It serves as a primary school, as well as a library, a grocery for the villagers and amusement park for the kids. A pedestrian bridge is also hung below the structure allowing the villagers to cross the creek without entering the building.

Inspired by Chinese traditional acupuncture, the work rejuvenated a declining community by establishing a link between the two parts of the village.

The Bridge School won the 2010 Aga Khan Award for successfully invigorating the entire community and "encapsulating social sustainability through architectural intervention".

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Liyuan Library in Beijing

Liyuan Library in Beijing

Liyuan Library in Beijing

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