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Liyuan Library in Beijing

2013-07-25 01:00

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Liyuan Library in Beijing

Liyuan Library in Huairou district of Beijing [Photo by Cui Meng/China Daily]

The building is fully glazed to allow the largest amount of daylight to enter, as the library has no power supply, which means there is no heating or air conditioning.

To solve the problem, Li placed the entrance of the library on a lower level above the pond so that in summer the cool air above the water is sucked into the house.

Windows are placed at the levels where people sit to let the breeze pass through.

The roof of the building is also covered with the firewood, but the wood is sandwiched between two layers of glass so that heat will be trapped inside to warm the building during winter.

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Liyuan Library in Beijing

Liyuan Library in Beijing

Liyuan Library in Beijing

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