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Updated: 2013-07-17 08:59
( China Daily)

It's not an exaggeration to say that there would be no modern dance in China without Willy Tsao. He is so purely in love with modern dance and for many years he has been using his own money to run the three companies. He's been to many places in the world and he has a wide vision in modern dance, which is pioneering.

Ou Jianping, a dance expert and critic at the China Arts Research Institute

Willy values talented dancers and choreographers very much. He is a great choreographer and he could earn lots of money himself by choreographing. However, he is willing to stand in the corner and give opportunities to young artists. His contribution to China's modern dance lies in training and discovering young people.

Li Hanzhong, deputy artistic director of Beijing Dance LDTX

The first time I met Willy was in 1989 when I was sent to Hong Kong by Beijing Dance Academy to learn modern dance. There was no modern dance in the Chinese mainland and I was impressed by his passion for the art form. He is a passionate and loyal supporter and promoter of modern dance. With his help, I could establish the modern dance department at Beijing Dance Academy, the first in China, when I came back in 1993. He is always willing to help whenever I turn to him.

Zhang Shouhe, dean of the department of dance choreography at Beijing Dance Academy

He always wears plaid shirts and slippers. He loves reading books and sharing his ideas with us. Though he came from a wealthy family, he never spends lavishly. Everything in China is instant and changing now, including arts. But here in Beijing Dance LDTX, he gives us an atmosphere, which is steady and real. We can just feel our bodies and dance freely.

Qian Kun, 27, dancer, who joined Beijing Dance LDTX in 2009 after graduating from Shangdong Art Institute



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What they say
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