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Advice for seniors about to take up pole dancing

Updated: 2013-05-30 09:00
By Tiffany Tan ( China Daily)

With the vigorous moves that pole dancing entails, such as swinging around a pole and dangling from it, how safe is the activity for senior citizens?

Raija Kuisma, principal lecturer in the University of Brighton's physiotherapy program, says that the varied movements in pole dancing and how they are performed by each person first need to be carefully analyzed, so there's no one answer regarding its suitability for the elderly.

"People age differently for different reasons, therefore age itself is not a contraindication for any activities," Kuisma, who is also president of the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education, says.

For older pole dancers or those who've had previous injuries, she says it's important that they find an instructor who recognizes their special needs.

"The first thing is to have a teacher who understands the risks to individuals, is able to advise alternative techniques to practice and will carefully assess and minimize risks," she says. "General strengthening and mobility exercises would also help."

Kuisma advises people to contact their doctor or another health professional before starting any new rigorous activities, especially if they have medical problems.