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Body of work

Updated: 2013-01-29 10:17
By Mei Jia ( China Daily)

Body of work

Wang Xiaofang's Beijing Office Director series sold two million copies.

Wang Xiaofang's works receive mixed reviews from Chinese readers and critics.

Reader Bijie Daxia comments on Tianya online forum that Wang has formed a set mode in his writing that revolves around "conspiracy + betrayal + seduction + corruption", and "he always adds in paragraphs of philosophical thoughts in between dialogues".

Still, Wang tries not to confine himself to writing only about officialdom, and he experiments with style, structure and language.

His other works include:

Beijing Office Director

The highly successful series has four volumes. Ding Nengtong, the capable director of fictional Dongzhou municipal government's Beijing office, witnesses and helps soothe political troubles the mayor causes.

Wang depicts not only the bureaucracy but also social aspects like medical insurance and business operations.

The Surgeon

Wang says he mainly writes about love in this novel. Surgeon Lin Qingtang is trapped in love affairs with four women successively. When he is about to commit suicide after being affected with the HIV virus and after his mistress dies, his wife finds him out.

Body of work

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Body of work

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