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Chinese sci-fi saga to have English edition in 2013

Updated: 2012-11-08 13:30

BEIJING -- The Three Body trilogy, one of the most popular Chinese-language science fiction novels, will be published in English next year, according to the publishing company on Wednesday.

Three translators, Ken Liu, Joel Martinsen and Eric Abrahamsen, will carry out the trilogy's translations respectively under contracts with China Educational Publications Import &Export Corporation Ltd (CEPIT).

The Three Body trilogy, written by award-winning writer Liu Cixin, sold 400,000 Chinese copies by the end of June 2012.

The three-part saga depicts the human race's contacts and conflicts with an alien civilization. Its finale, Dead End, was released in 2010.

Only a few Chinese science fiction books make the overseas market. Liu is curious what the reaction will be from foreign readers.

"Science fiction allows human beings to explore common interests and imagination. It is why this literary genre is well accepted worldwide," he said.

The English editions of the first two parts are expected to hit the overseas book market in the first half 2013. Translation of the third part will also be completed next year.

The trilogy will be available to Western readers both in paper and digitally, according to the CEPIT.

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