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Invite to a dinner party

Updated: 2012-08-31 10:08
( China Daily)

Hong Kong Repertory Theater will set the table at Guangzhou Opera House from Sept 4 to 6 and invite audiences to join in a thought-provoking supper.

The award-winning play The Last Supper has only two roles. The mother and son talk at the table throughout the play.

"I chose the heavy topic of suicide because I want to open the audience's eyes to people living a miserable life in a prosperous big city, and to make them think about whether death is the only way out of frustrations," says the playwright Cheng Kwok-wai.

The director Fong Chun-kit adds that the play exposes audiences to a common social problem, namely that people are losing their communication abilities because of the Internet and rapid development.

8 pm, Sept 4-6. Experimental Theater, Guangzhou Opera House, Exit B1 of Zhujiang New Town subway station, the interchange of subway line 3 and line 5, Guangzhou. 020-3839-2888.

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