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Tagore is honored

Updated: 2012-03-28 13:21
( China Daily)

When the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore visited China in 1924, an English adaptation of his play Chitrangada was performed to celebrate his birthday on May 9, in Beijing. In that version, leading intellectuals and celebrities of China, like the architect Lin Huiyin and the poet Xu Zhimo, took part.

Eight-eight years later, the same play was performed again at Lanzhou University, and will be staged subsequently in other cities of China. The first-ever Chinese language production of a play by Tagore, the inaugural show of Chitrangada was held on March 24, in the presence of the Ambassador of India S. Jaishankar, and representatives of the governor of Gansu province.

Adapted from an Indian mythological tale about a warrior princess who is finally able to connect with her feminine side after she falls in love with her mightiest adversary, Chitrangada was translated into Chinese by Lanzhou University professor Mao Shichang, who also directed the play.

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