Adrien Brody in Manolete

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Adrien Brody is currently in production with the upcoming film Manolete. The story will star Adrien Brody as the famous matador Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez.

Back in the mid 40s Sanchez had a love affair with actress Lupe Sino. All things were going well for Sanchez until he gets killed by a bull in the ring.

Adrien Brody in ManoleteNew images from the set of Manolete show Adrien Brody rocking the matador outfit that is nice, slim and pink.

Personally I have had a lot of success with the ladies when wearing one of my pink shirts.

The fan blog, Just Jared, recently posted just under ten set pics all featuring Brody pretty in pink.And [a pink-clad matador] is the latest role that Adrien Brody has found himself in... and my, does he look good in figure-hugging fuchsia. The Oscar-winning actor is wearing the bizarre costume for his new movie Manolete, also starring Penélope Cruz.

Manolete Set Pic

The film tells the story of one of Spain's best-known matadors, who was finally killed in the bullring by a horn to the thigh. But acting as the great bullfighter means Adrien has to deck himself out in flamboyant costumes like this.

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