Yodeling duet Rohrer sisters introduce traditional Swiss singing to China

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Yodeling duet Rohrer sisters introduce traditional Swiss singing to China

Yodeling is an important part of traditional culture for the Rohrer family. [Photo provided to]

Althought Beijing doesn't lack live music scenes, one rarely heard is the traditional singing of the Central Alps, originally used by herders to call their stock or communicate between Alpine villages.

During a recent special dinner by SwissTaste, the only Swiss restaurant in Beijing, Swiss yodelers the Rohrer Sisters offered Beijingers a taste of their traditional music.

Yodeling is a time-honored traditional Swiss way of singing that originates in the mountain areas. It involves repeated and rapid changes of pitch between the low-pitch chest register.

The two sisters, Petra and Andrea Rohrer, 47 and 43, respectively, were invited to China to perform at the upcoming Sino-Swiss Dialogue in Guiyang, Guizhou province.

They grew up in Flueli Ranft in the Canton of Obwalden, in the real heart of Switzerland, where yodeling is an important part of traditional culture.

Their passion for yodeling started in their early childhood, when they were greatly encouraged by their father to both take up the traditional way of yodeling.

This trip marks the first time the Rohrer sisters have left Europe to visit China.

The sisters and Chinese singer A Youduo will perform Alpine music with A Youduo, a member of the Chinese Miao ethnic minority,on Friday. The women will appear during the Sino-Swiss Dialogue, a key sub-forum of Eco Forum Global, held annually in Guiyang.

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