A stock market panic that started on Wall Street (top left) swept through Asia on Thursday, knocking down indexes in Japan (top right) and Hong Kong (bottom left), and saw China's benchmark Shanghai Composite Index (bottom right) hit a near three-year low.Photos By Reuters, Aflo And Doris Chan For China Daily

Wall St sell-off prompts global rout

China's A-share market, together with other major Asian bourses, plunged on Thursday in a chain reaction following the sell-off in the United States.


Shanghai medical insurance covers international hospital

Shanghai's medical insurance scheme extended its coverage to medical bills at a foreign-funded hospital on Wednesday as part of efforts to boost the city's healthcare service sector.


Xinjiang fighting extremist thought

Lawmakers in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have revised local regulations to allow local governments to set up education facilities to help those who have been lured into terrorist activities and those affected by extremist thoughts to return to society and their families.


Pence's speech revealed why ties off-course

Editor's note: US Vice-President Mike Pence vehemently attacked China in his speech at the Hudson Institute on Thursday last week. A post on the speech by Shen Dingli, professor of international studies with Shanghai-based Fudan University, has gained much attention. Excerpts:


Trade wars threat to global growth

NUSA DUA, Indonesia - International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Thursday warned countries of the perils of a trade or a currency war, saying they could be detrimental to global growth and hurt "innocent bystanders".


ROK walks back on talk of lifting sanctions

Seoul is not considering lifting its unilateral sanctions toward Pyongyang as US President Donald Trump retorted that Seoul could "do nothing" without Washington's approval.


BMW to acquire 75% stake in JV

BMW AG said it plans to take a majority stake in its Chinese joint venture, the first move by a global carmaker to seek control of local partnerships in China as the country opens its automotive sector wider.

Weekend Life

Canada pension fund to lift China investment

By 2025, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board plans to have 20 percent of its estimated C$800 billion ($612 billion) assets invested in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, said Mark Machin, president and CEO of CPPIB.


I really love my new digital voice assistant: I call him HAL

Way back in 1968, the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey featured a main character that was a forerunner, in a sense, of today's digital assistants.


Fraud probe rocks Belgium's big guns

BRUSSELS - Police raids across Europe on Wednesday sent shockwaves through Belgium's top soccer league as prosecutors targeted the country's biggest clubs over alleged fraudulent transfers and match-fixing.


Visual feast of ceramics dazzles visitors

The 2018 Qingdao International Ceramic Exhibition, held from Sept 21-28 in Shinan district, was hosted by the International Academy of Ceramics, the Qingdao municipal bureau of culture, radio and television, press and publication, the Qingdao municipal gardening and greening bureau, and the Shinan district government.