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China bans teachers from accepting gift money

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-07-15 10:07

BEIJING - The Ministry of Education on Monday banned teachers from accepting monetary gifts from students or their parents, the latest move in China's anti-corruption drive.

According to a six-point regulation, other forms of gifts, such as securities and payment vouchers are also banned. Teachers are also prohibited from attending banquets arranged by students' families. Recreational activities such as travel or fitness clubs that are paid for by students are disallowed.

Teachers are prohibited from subscribing to newspapers on students' behalf or selling books, living goods or insurance to students.

"Society has high expectations for teachers, but problems in professional ethics have severely damaged teachers' reputations," said the statement.

Those who break the rules shall be named and shamed by the authorities, with severe offenders stripped of their posts or even passed to judicial organs, it said.

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