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Man suspected of posting rumors held

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-05-13 09:16

BEIJING -- A Beijing resident was detained for posting false information on a foreign website to get high payment, seriously harming the country's image, police said Tuesday.

Xiang Nanfu, 62, have published lots of false stories on the website "Boxun" since 2009, with his username "Feixiang"--"flying" in Chinese.

Fabricated information included "Chinese government harvested organs from living humans and buried people alive, causing mass protest outside United Nations organizations in China," "More than 1,000 policemen expropriated land with violence, beating a pregnant woman to death," as well "a petitioner was beaten to death with the body abandoned in street," according to Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Xiang's actions were instigated and highly paid with US dollars by a man surnamed Wei who was in charge of the website, police said.

The false information has seriously misled the public and Internet users and denigrated the image of the state, police said.

Police put Xiang in custody on May 3. He has confessed to his crimes and has repented, police said.

The police is continuing investigation into the case.

Man suspected of posting rumors held

Man suspected of posting rumors held

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