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Chinese naval vessels move southward in MH370 search

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-04-16 15:55

ABOARD JINGGANGSHAN - Chinese ships searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on Wednesday adjusted their search area and moved southward.

Three Chinese naval ships -- amphibious landing vessel Jinggangshan, missile destroyer Haikou and supply ship Qiandaohu -- together with Chinese petrol ship Donghaijiu 101 and Nanhaijiu 101, searched in the designated area, located between 27 to 30 degrees south latitude and 92 to 95 degrees east longitude.

The new area covers 6,700 square nautical miles (22,981 square km), less than the number designated for Tuesday of above 10,000 square nautical miles.

Nothing related to the missing plane has been found so far by the Chinese ships.

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