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Xi hails development of China-Russia ties

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-02-09 04:07

Xi hails development of China-Russia ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping receives an exclusive interview with Rossiya TV in Sochi, Russia Feb.7, 2014. [Photo/Xinhua]

SOCHI, Russia - Chinese President Xi Jinping said in an interview aired Saturday that he is "very satisfied" with the fruitful development of China-Russia relations.

The bilateral relationship has entered a phase that boasts the most solid foundation, the highest level of mutual trust and the greatest regional and global influence ever, he said in the exclusive interview with Rossiya TV.

Xi recalled that he paid a visit to Russia in March last year only a few days after taking over the Chinese presidency, during which he and President Vladimir Putin reached important consensus on and charted the course for further strengthening bilateral comprehensive strategic cooperation.

China-Russia cooperation, Xi added, has so far borne rich fruit in such fields as trade and economy, energy, advanced technology, people-to-people exchanges and international affairs, not only promoting the development and prosperity of both countries, but also helping safeguard international justice, stability and peace.

"I am very satisfied with the achievements in the development of China-Russia relations," he said.

Xi traveled to this Russian resort city on Thursday to attend Friday's opening ceremony of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games at the invitation of Putin. The three-day visit was his first foreign trip this year.

Describing China and Russia as good neighbors, good partners and good friends and calling Putin his old friend, Xi said he came to Russia to offer his congratulations in person over the Sochi Olympics as is customary for the Chinese people to do upon their neighbors' joyous occasions.

Referring to his latest meeting with Putin on Thursday, Xi said the two sides agreed to unswervingly support each other on issues concerning their core interests and turn political advantages in their relations into cooperation advantages.

The Sochi trip has marked a "good start" for the advancement of bilateral ties in 2014, added the president.

Xi hails development of China-Russia ties   Xi hails development of China-Russia ties
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