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Most children at shelter refuse to go home

Updated: 2012-12-13 17:25

Ninety percent of the children assisted by the Tianjin Salvation Management Station don't want to be sent home, Metro Express reported on Wednesday.

The report said that the station has given shelter to about 130 children this year.

According to staff workers, some children refuse to reveal any information regarding their parents' names or their addresses, mostly because they fear domestic violence.

The head of the station said that the children mainly fall into three categories.

Some of them ran away or rebelled against domestic violence situations, with many running away again shortly after they were sent back home because they were still being beaten up.

The second category comprises those who are healthy both mentally and physically. But neither of the divorced parents wants to raise them.

The last category comprises those with mental or physical handicaps who are beyond the parents' ability to handle.