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E-WTP in practice in Hangzhou

[2016-09-04 10:16]

Hangzhou, which is hosting this year's Business 20 summit and G20 summit, has been putting the Electronic World Trade Platform (e-WTP) concept into practice by constructing a special cross-border e-commerce area, a city official says.

Analyst urges China to share best practices

[2016-09-04 09:20]

China should share its clean energy successes at the G20 Summit, and study ways to address the challenges it faces, said Joseph Jacobelli, senior analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence.

Symphonic spectacular to highlight gala on West Lake

[2016-09-04 08:49]

What promises to be a spectacular show titled Symphony on West Lake is planned for Sunday night to entertain global leaders and guests at the G20 Summit.

Chinese president gives prescription to world economy

[2016-09-04 08:18]

"The world economy is now in profound adjustment and moving along a twisted path to recovery," said Chinese President Xi Jinping on the B20 Summit in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Saturday. To help the world economy move along a path of strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth, China would work with other parties to ensure that the Hangzhou summit comes up with an integrated prescription. Here are suggestions from Xi.

Tycoons say innovation in China will buoy the world

[2016-09-04 08:10]

The impact of innovation in China on global economic growth will increase as Chinese enterprises step up efforts to develop cutting-edge technologies to create new business models and upgrade manufacturing capabilities, tech tycoons said on Saturday.

Lagarde: Use all tools for stability and growth

[2016-09-04 08:10]

Even though the world has made marked progress in financial regulation since the 2008 crisis, relaxing supervision now would be a mistake, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund said on Saturday.

Ant Financial targets global customers

[2016-09-04 08:10]

Ant Financial Services Group, a leading Chinese internet payment platform, has attracted 450 million customers, about one-third of the country's population, by offering a range of convenient digital services, from paying for purchases online to providing small loans to investing idle money that can earn yields higher than those offered by traditional banks.

English version of website offers visitors rich views

[2016-09-04 08:10]

The English version of Zhejiang province's official website provides a shortcut for foreigners to get to know this east area of China, both during and after the G20 Leaders Summit, which takes place on Sunday and Monday.

Mainland tourists help boost GDP within G20

[2016-09-04 08:10]

China, the world's largest tourism market for both domestic and outbound travelers, will be responsible for more than 500 million out-bound visits in the coming years. That will help to fuel the economic development of G20 members.

Alibaba chief seeks global e-trading platform

[2016-09-04 08:06]

Jack Ma, executive chairman of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, has called for the establishment of an electronic world trade platform whose objective would be to reduce barriers to make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to expand their trading capabilities worldwide.

Xi, Obama commit to climate deal

[2016-09-04 07:51]

China and the United States have showed leadership and commitment in tackling climate-change challenges as they formally committed to joining last year's Paris Agreement on climate change on Saturday ahead of the G20 Summit.

Investment 'principles' proposed to create open and transparent system

[2016-09-04 07:40]

Leaders attending the G20 Summit are likely to reach an agreement on a set of guiding principles on global investment, in a bid to spur declining investment activity, a senior Chinese commerce official said on Saturday.

China-led initiatives 'open to all'

[2016-09-04 06:50]

The global initiatives led by China are not intended to undermine any other countries' interests, but to inject greater openness into global economic governance by working with other countries, President Xi Jinping said on Saturday.

Silk gifts reflect ties to Hangzhou, past and present

[2016-09-04 06:39]

It should come as no surprise that guests at the B20 and G20 summits will find silk forming an integral part of their experience there.

Xi urges enhanced trust in meeting with Obama

[2016-09-04 01:53]

Beijing and Washington should strengthen mutual trust and "manage and control divergences in a constructive manner", says Xi.

International reactions to Xi's B20 speech

[2016-09-03 21:11]

Global business and opinion leaders shared their views about Chinese President Xi Jinping's keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the B20 Summit in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province Saturday.

UK expert: China will share its prosperity with the world

[2016-09-03 19:53]

China is the perfect country to bridge rich and poor, online and offline, developed and developing, said Clare Pearson, chairwoman of the British Chamber of Commerce in China.

China's opening drive benefits all countries: Xi

[2016-09-03 18:31]

China's opening drive is "not a pursuit to establish its own sphere of influence", but to support the common development of all countries, President Xi Jinping told global business leaders on Saturday.

China's reform and opening-up a great process, says Xi

[2016-09-03 16:04]

Delivering a keynote speech at the Business 20 summit in Hangzhou, President Xi Jinping urges remedies for world economic growth.

G20 Hangzhou summit reflects global recognition of China's economic success: Russian economist

[2016-09-03 15:08]

The fact that the G20 summit will be held in China reflects the global recognition of and respect for China's giant economic success, a leading Russian economic expert has said.