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G20 Hangzhou Summit vital for global economic coordination: European think tank chief

[2016-09-28 17:14]

The Group of 20 Summit in Hangzhou is important for global economic coordination by focusing on the right topics, a European economic think tank chief has said.

Overseas analysts hail China's role in G20

[2016-09-09 16:44]

Overseas China-watchers have hailed the country's active and more mature role in the G20 by hosting a summit that highlighted innovation and cooperation to spur global economic growth.

Ice cream gift warms Russia-China ties

[2016-09-05 08:24]

Despite warm relations between Moscow and Beijing, Vladimir Putin brought a chilly gift for his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping as they met on the sidelines of the G20 Summit Sunday: a tub of ice cream.

Hangzhou's Silk Empress

[2016-09-20 17:01]

During the G20 Hangzhou summit, IMF president Christine Lagarde chose a Chinese brand to add a distinctive touch to her attire.

China has power to lead structural economic reforms necessary across globe: European expert

[2016-09-18 11:27]

China has the power to lead on structural economic reform which is necessary across the globe, an European expert told Xinhua in a recent interview.

Chinese presidency boosts G20 as possible new model of global governance: Italian experts

[2016-09-18 11:26]

The G20 Summit held in Hangzhou showed the strength and quality of China's leadership, and proved to be a possible new model in terms of global economic governance, Italian experts said.

Brazil's finance minister hails successful presence at G20

[2016-09-07 10:24]

Brazilian Minister of Finance Henrique Meirelles said Tuesday that the country's participation at the G20 has successfully raised investors interest in the country.

China endows G20 with long-term vision: Argentine experts

[2016-09-07 10:22]

As host of the recent Group of 20 Summit, China has helped redefine the group's mission, and in the process given it long-term vision, say Argentine experts.

China plays exemplary role in helping Africa: Zambian expert

[2016-09-07 10:09]

A Zambian economics expert has hailed China's exemplary role in supporting Africa through heavy infrastructure investment and trade promotion.

G20 Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Initiative delivered at 2016 Hangzhou Summit renews impetus to global economy

[2016-09-28 15:31]

The 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit, held from September 4th to 5th, passed the G20 Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Initiative.

G20 Summit charts course for world growth: State Councilor

[2016-09-07 10:08]

The G20 Hangzhou Summit, with its broad achievements, will help chart a clearer future course for the troubled world economy, State Councilor Yang Jiechi said.

South African expert calls for implementation of G20 Summit outcomes

[2016-09-07 10:05]

South African researcher on Tuesday welcomed the outcomes of the G20 Summit, emphasizing that implementation is the key.

Guests put thumbs to work spreading Summit news

[2016-09-07 09:07]

Pictures of handshakes with President Xi Jinping and group photos were featured in the online postings of leaders attending the 11th G20 Leaders Summit on Sunday and Monday.

Next step:Global action on growth

[2016-09-07 01:45]

The summit released a statement in which the leaders agreed on a series of action plans to implement their growth strategies covering a wide range of policy areas.

Many faces, memorable moments

[2016-09-07 07:12]

Many faces, memorable moments

G20 plays to Times Square

[2016-09-07 09:03]

A series of promotional videos starring the G20 Summit in Hangzhou is being shown on the billboard-sized screen in New York's Times Square.

Jack Ma's call for inclusive trade gets WTO endorsement

[2016-09-06 20:37]

The World Trade Organization is considering leveraging the power of e-commerce to help small and medium-sized enterprises to trade as its director-general applauded an initiative raised today by Alibaba Group's Jack Ma.

High-level guests head out on town for some shopping

[2016-09-06 07:43]

Many foreign leaders and entourage members attending the G20 Summit managed to squeeze some free time into their busy schedules for shopping and communicating with local artists, adding some light moments to their trips.

G20 Leaders' Communique, Hangzhou Summit

[2016-09-06 15:51]

Leaders of the G20 major economies on Monday adopted a leaders' communique at the end of the 11th G20 Summit in China's eastern city of Hangzhou.

IMF looks to expand Special Drawing Rights

[2016-09-06 07:27]

The International Monetary Fund is exploring ways to broaden the use of its Special Drawing Rights after the leaders of the G20 reached a consensus on the matter at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou to enhance the resilience of the international financial system.

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